The 3 Cord Family

The 3 Cord Wedding team consists of a husband and wife with over fifteen years of experience bringing magical moments to life for couples throughout the Midwest. We use our DJ and Photography expertise to transform your biggest dreams into your fondest memories, and capture them for you to remember always.

DJ & Dreamer

Photographer & Brains

Ladies Man & Mascot

Daughter & Wedding Expert in Training

Our Service

3 Cord Weddings is one of the few DJ and Photography companies which is operated by a pair of married professionals. This is important because weddings are our passion. They are what we talk about in our everyday life, whether at the dinner table together or exploring new venues for clients. Having two specialists with this level of daily communication and dedication is a rare combination. Our love of weddings, coupled with our drive to treat our clients as we’d want to be treated as a couple was the inspiration behind our single largest goal; to help our clients create powerful memories and capture those moments for a lifetime.


Secretly, I wonder if my friends believe I’m obsessed with weddings. I started my career as a professional DJ way back as a senior in high school (Go Kiotes!). SInce then, I’ve tried my hand at coporate events, backyard parties, college dances, and proms before realizing that being a Wedding DJ is my true passion.

I grew up on a decent sized farm in Kimball SD, before moving to Sioux Falls to chase a degree in Digital Media & Animation. Luckily before graduation, I met this wonderful gal who had a passion for photography. Fast forward a few years, that gal and I decided to start our own journey together as a Husband & Wife team offering our DJ & Photography expertise to couples who wanted an epic experience without planning a ton of stressful details.

When I’m not obsessing over 3 Cord Weddings, I’m likely to be found working on my little sports car, playing with motorcycles, teaching Abby (our pet micro pig) a few new tricks, or spending time being a dad to the cutest little girl.

If I could have my own theme song, it would be “Levels” by Avicii. I can play that song on repeat for hours without getting tired of it!

I grew up in downtown Sioux Falls in a home that’s been in my family for a few generations. Growing up, my mom always put emphasis on pictures and photos albums because it was important to look at pictures to remember fun times like vacations, trips, holidays, etc. I always loved that. My mom even gave me my first camera – a film Barbie Camera! I took it everywhere and used tons of rolls of film, which I know was expensive. (Thank you again mom!)

In high school, I took a photography class. A friend of mine hated it and I thought I’d hate it too, but I ended up loving the class. It was exciting and challenging and I wanted to learn more about photography. That class inspired me to save up to buy my first “real” camera. (Sorry Barbie!) I thought I was quite the photographer when I first started, but I mostly just had fun with it.

I just love weddings in general. I think it’s the emotions of having friends and family in one place and feeling the love in the air. I really enjoy all the love of a wedding.

When I’m not working on wedding photography, you can catch me binging a few seasons of “The Office”, playing a few N64 games, visiting the zoo, or challenging anyone to a go-kart race at Thunder Road in Sioux Falls.

If I could be a piece of food, I feel like being a slice of pizza would be really fun. You can have all the toppings on yourself, and pizza is just delicious so it has to be fun!

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Our individual passions for wedding entertainment and wedding photography has given us the drive to constantly improve our individual crafts to become the best DJ & Photographer we can. Our true talent for transforming wedding day jitters into full blown celebrations begins when we work together as a professional DJ and professional photographer to bring your wedding day ideas to life.


We're accepting couples for 2018!

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