Frequently Asked Questions

I already booked a photography/DJ. Can I pick one of your services?

Congratulations! I know how awesome it feels crossing out those items on the “To-Do” list. 3 Cord Weddings is a husband & wife team. We started our business so we could work together, and provide simple stress-free options for couples. Since we’re a team, we usually do not split our services. There are a few exceptions, but they are rare.

We already had our engagement photos taken. Do we have to take them with you again?

No one is required to take their engagement photos with us and if you’re happy with the photos you’ve already taken, we’re happy for you! However, we use the free engagement session to learn more about your personality and photography style. This gives us a chance to understand who you are, what you like, and what you dislike, so we can be completely prepared for the wedding day!

How many outfits can I bring to my engagement session?

As many as you’d like! Keep in mind, that we try to stick to 1 hour of shooting during the engagement session. The more outfits you bring, the less time we have for poses. We recommend an average of 1-2 outfits for your engagement session.

What should I wear to the engagement session?

Great question! If you’re having a hard time coordinating an outfit, email Erin at erin@3cordweddings.com. We’re happy to give our advice on what outfits work with photography, and what outfits you might want to avoid.

How do you know what songs/pictures I want?

Great question! We have a super detailed information sheet that you and your fiancé can fill out as you have time. Inside are questions about your favorite songs, pictures you want, and more. We’ll also discuss these details at one of our planning meetings. If you have a Pinterest page, feel free to share it!

I changed my mind about some answers on the information sheet. Can I change my answers?

Of course! You’re welcome to make changes on your online client portal until 24 hours before the wedding. Just make sure to notify us that you’ve made a change so we don’t miss it!

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. Our deposit is a non-refundable retainer of $700. We understand that that can be a lot of money to come up with to reserve our services. If you require, we have the option to split it into two payments – $200 due with a signed contract and $500 due within 30 days.

How much time do we need to plan for pictures on the wedding day?

This is a very hard question to answer easily. The timeline of the day heavily depends on the schedule of your day. It depends on if you’re having a first look, when will the hair appointment start, how large is your wedding party, what time the ceremony is, what time the reception begins, if you’re having a receiving line, etc. Talk with us about your specific event for a proper answer.

How long does it take to receive my photos?

We know it can be hard to wait for your wedding photos. Even we had a hard time waiting for ours! Please remember that on average we’re working 3 weddings a month and we need to cull through thousands of photos. We contract 75 days, but in most cases, we have photos finished much much sooner.

Have more questions?

If you have additional questions that we haven’t answered here, please email us! We’re happy to walk you through our process and give you detailed answers to any questions you have.

Have more questions?

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