Engagement Photography Gallery

A sample of Erin’s engagment photography work. To view larger images, please click here

  • A creative picture of an engaged couple framed by a picture frame while laying in the snow in the forest
  • An engaged couple studies a road map while the woman lays her head on her fiance's shoulder in the snow in the woods
  • A couple kissing in front of a rustic red barn
  • An engaged couple stare out over a field of soybeans while standing next to a fence post
  • A wedding ring stacked on top of beer caps
  • An engaged couple stares into each other eyes
  • A woman laughes while her fiance whispers in her ear

Wedding Photography Gallery

A sample of Erin’s wedding photography work. To view larger images, please click here.

  • A bride smiles over her wedding bouquet
  • Bride and Groom Kissing on a bench on their wedding day
  • A bride and groom kiss while leaning on the hood of their classic mustang muscle car
  • A bride and groom exit their wedding reception through a tunnel of firework sparklers
  • a bride holds a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers while looking into her husband's eyes
  • A bride poses for a picture in the church sanctuary where she's about hold her wedding
  • A sunset session of a bride and groom celebrating their wedding day

DJ Gallery

A sample of Drysen’s wedding receptions. To view larger images, please click here.

  • A crowd of people reaching for the sky as they dance under purple lighting
  • A bride and groom share their first dance in front of a massive DJ system with purple uplighting
  • A smiling groom cuts his wedding cake with his newlywed bride smiling in the background
  • The bride and groom share a slow dance on the dance floor while the wedding party watches
  • The parents of the groom are laughing while dancing on during a popular song
  • A room with blue uplighting a giant F monogram over the head table
  • A behind the scenes photos of a wedding dance showcasing our DJ software, lighting, and a full dance floor.
  • Family and Friends surround a bride and groom while they dance in front of the DJ system
  • A group photo of a wedding party having fun while raising their hands and beer in the air to celebrate
  • A bride and groom look deeply into each other's eyes while dancing their first dance
  • A bride and groom lead the hokey pokey while their friends and family circle around them