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Congrautlations on your new baby!

As a family of three ourselves, we know how exciting (and hectic!) this milestone in your life is. That’s why we put together these tips on what to avoid during a newborn photography session.

3 Mistakes that Ruin Your Photos 

#1 Keeping the room at a comfortable (to adults) temp.

Babies Looooove being warm. (After all, they’re used to a constant 98ºF!) Cranking up the heat will allow your baby to sleep more comfortably, and be more cooperative as their posed for pictures.

#2 Wait too long to take newborn photos!

After baby’s arrival, life can be a little crazy as you adjust to a new schedule. Babies start to grow right away, so it’s a great idea to take their pictures between 6-10 days old.

 #3 Wait too long to feed baby

During a newborn session, your baby sets the pace and schedule. Keeping baby well fed is key to keeping them happy and sleepy. Have an extra bottle or milk ready will make them easier to pose.

For even more tips, tricks, and helpful advice, we put together a free ebook for you to quickly and easily educate yourself on what to expect during your newborn session.

Our goal is for you to be comfortable, excited, and love the memories we capture of your new family addition.

Thank you for visiting our website, and don’t forget to download your free ebook!

With love,
Erin, Drysen, & Olivia Carsten

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Hello! My name is Erin Carsten and I’m a pregnancy, newborn, and child photographer.

I began specializing in newborn photography while I was working as a Daycare Lead in a birth to 6 month olds room. I loved giving the parents fun and stylish photos of their baby to cherish.

I would often set up little themed events like “Back To School” or “Mermaid / Sailor Day”. It was a fun see the babies grow, and I loved seeing the joy on parents faces when the new pictures were hung on the wall.

When I decided to pursue my career as a full time photographer, I knew I had to continue to work with newborns and young kids. My newborn photography style is to capture the things of your baby that make them so super cute and cuddly. From their itty bitty fingers, to their beautiful button noses.

I want to provide each of the parents who trust me as their newborn photographer with photos that they’ll cherish for a lifetime.



As you bond with your baby during your pregnancy, it’s a great idea to capture this time in your life with a Maternity Photography session. Our sessions are roughly an hour long and capture the bond between you, your significant other, and your bump.

Fresh 48

A Fresh 48 session, takes place within the first 48 hours of baby’s life. We’ll visit you, your significant other, and new baby in the hospital shortly after delivery. The first 48 hours after baby fly by super fast, and we’re here to help you remember how special and precious those first few hours really are.


Our formal newborn sessions take place beween 3-14 days after baby arrives (Though we like to photograph them under 7 days old!). The newborn sessions are more formal than the fresh 48 and can take place in our Sioux Falls studio, or in your own home.

Monthly Milestones

As your baby grows, your collection of photos will too! Monthly Milestone sessions celebrate your baby turning another month older. Our popular package includes Newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 1 year.

We have additional packages to cover every month’s birthday, individual sessions, or only a few times a year.


Get a FREE Newborn Photography Guide