The start to a perfect wedding

Engagement Sessions

Finding the right photographer to trust with something as important as your wedding is a difficult task. We believe starting each of our couples off with an included engagement session is the best way to build that foundation for a successful wedding.
The engagement session gives us the opportunity to learn more about you and your fiancé so we can understand what you dislike, like, and love so that we’re best prepared to serve you on your wedding day.

All-Day, no extra cost.

Wedding Coverage

As we planned our own wedding, we struggled to find a photographer who was willing to capture our entire wedding day. An hourly package wasn’t going to cut it for us.
That was the inspiration behind the all-day coverage from 3 Cord Weddings. You deserve to have your entire wedding day captured: From the hair appointment to the bouquet toss.

Gorgeous Edits

Capturing an imagine is only half of the battle. The hard work begins as your photos are reviewed, one at a time, to adjust colors, fix a few imperfections and really make your photos pop. It’s a slow and time-consuming process, but the photos you receive will look gorgeous!



  • A creative picture of an engaged couple framed by a picture frame while laying in the snow in the forest
  • An engaged couple studies a road map while the woman lays her head on her fiance's shoulder in the snow in the woods
  • A couple kissing in front of a rustic red barn
  • An engaged couple stare out over a field of soybeans while standing next to a fence post
  • A wedding ring stacked on top of beer caps
  • An engaged couple stares into each other eyes
  • A woman laughes while her fiance whispers in her ear