Being Happy, Content, and Fulfilled This Christmas

Have you or your significant other said something like this?
“You need to pick up a gift for your grandma before stopping at the store to buy dessert for my parent’s Christmas party. I can quickly wrap gifts before you get back.”  

Is this what Christmas is really about? Should Christmas really be that exhausting?

You are in a wonderful time in your life to stop and evaluate what you want out of the holidays. Take some time to talk with your significant other before traditions are hard to change. Find out where the two of you prioritize:

Be fulfilled with Christ as the center of Christmas

Never once in the Bible does it say we need to spend money or stress about the holiday season. If Christ is the Reason for the Season, the gifts and activities should not be the priority.

Decide how the two of you are going to celebrate Christmas.
– Will you enjoy Christmas Eve cozy by the fire after Christmas Eve service?
– Will you spend Christmas morning opening gifts before attending a Christmas Day service?
– How will you handle invitations to extended family meals?



Be content with missed activities

Holiday parties, family celebrations, parade of lights, school concerts, Christmas caroling and programs can fill an entire year and we try to shove it into one month!?

It only gets more complicated with children, believe me!

Look at your calendar and discuss what activities are the most important to each of you and cut out the rest.

You will feel guilty momentarily, but I promise by the end of the season you will find the magic of Christmas alive and well.





Find happiness with meaningful gifts

Gifts were given to Jesus by the wise men to show their love and respect to the Savior of the world.

If gifts stress you out financially, if if you don’t know what to give, it might be time to change the focus.

The price is not what matters.

The fact that you thought of this one important person in your life and what would make them smile is what is meaningful.



Start your own traditions

– Giving tickets to experiences you can do with your loved ones
– Give certificates for projects you will help complete. Hint, hint Drysen 🙂
– Put together photos of special moments you’ve shared together with empty pages for future memories.

This is one of my favorites, especially as I play with the ones we have through the studio! (ok…small plug there 🙂


Focus on Love

If you’re engaged or married, you have found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, take a moment, right now, to feel all the love you have for them.

Stop from time to time to simply remember all the good in your life.

This is what Christmas is about.
The rest will be forgotten in years gone by.
Who we spend our time with and how they make us feel is what remains.

As the 2018 year closes and we look forward to a busy 2019.

It is important for me to remember being happy, content, and fulfilled this Christmas is an inward challenge.


Romans 8:28 that says, All things work together and are fitting into a plan for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

Our hopes are that you find the same contentment as you begin your journey together as a ‘soon-to-be’ married couple. Merry Christmas and Blessings on your upcoming 2019 year!

~Erin Carsten

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