Should I do a first look?

Your wedding day is getting closer! You’ve locked in your guest list, and figured out the dinner menu. As the list of vendors to hire dwindles, it’s time to start planning your wedding day timeline. One of the important decisions to your wedding timeline is deciding on a “First Look.”

First, what is a First Look?

The First Look is a moment staged with your photographer where the bride & groom see each other for the first time in their wedding attire, before the ceremony. Typically, this special moment is shared between you and your fiancé away from family and friends and captured by your photographer. It’s a fantastic opportunity reflect with your soon-to-be spouse that you’re about to be married!

So let’s dive into the Pros & Cons of having one.

A bride holds a gift for her groom moments before they have their first look


A Less Hectic Wedding Schedule
If you decided to see each other for the first time at the Alter, odds are you’ll need a couple hours after the ceremony to take pictures with your wedding party, family, and favorite friends. Seeing each other before the ceremony will allow you to space out important events of your wedding timeline. It also helps to cut down on the stress of rushing from the ceremony, to take pictures, to hurry for your grand entrance at the reception.

More time to celebrate with your guests
You and your soon-to-be spouse to knock out most of your bridal party pictures before the ceremony. This means more time at the reception celebrating with your guests.

Variety of pictures
A First Look allows you to have a few more variations of wedding photos by finding a different background from your ceremony. This gives you more pictures with different styles to cherish.

Better Pictures (sometimes)
Photography is all about shaping light to make your pictures look amazing. If your ceremony is indoors or somewhere without shade, a First Look gives your photographer a chance to sculpt the light for pictures. During a ceremony, photographers often do not have this ability.

A Special Moment
Seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day is a powerful and emotional experience. A First Look gives you a chance to enjoy that special moment with your fiancé away from family and friends. It can even be more intimate than until the ceremony.

A First Look is a relatively modern approach to weddings. If you love the tradition of waiting to see each other for the first time at the ceremony, a first look may not be right for you.

Starting Early
A first look can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes. Depending on your wedding timeline, you may need to start earlier to be dressed and ready for a First Look.

Seeing each other for the first time at the Alter can be an emotionally powerful moment. Trust me, I cried when I saw Erin for the first time at the Alter. A First Look can take away from that powerful moment.

A Late Ceremony
Seeing each other before the ceremony means you have more things to do before the wedding starts. A later ceremony could mean hungry guests and cranky kids by the time the reception meal is served.

To Recap
There are many reasons why a First Look is a great idea. It saves time, cuts down on stress, and gives you an intimate moment with your spouse. With that said, Erin and I opted to wait until the Alter to see each other for the first time. We’re just traditional like that, and we don’t have any regrets! It takes a little more planning with your photographer, and a little more organization with your bridal party, but if you’re traditional like us there’s no feeling quite like it. Trust me, I cried just after this photos was taken!

Drysen - 3 Cord Wedding's DJ seeing his bride Erin for the first time during their wedding ceremony

P.S. If you need help with designing a wedding timeline, we have a post about that coming soon!

Why you should start a Pinterest Board for your Photographer

We have all come to know Pinterest as a website that consumes your time because you cannot stop looking at all of the awesome ideas and inspirations. If you haven’t joined yet, be careful because it is addicting!

It is also very helpful for your Photographer in a couple of ways. On Pinterest, you can search for things such as “wedding pictures”, “bride and groom poses”, “engagement photos”, or anything else really. You create boards to categorize all of the pins that you end up keeping, and one of those boards is usually wedding related!

I love when a bride or groom makes a Pinterest board specifically of poses or picture ideas that they love. It is helpful because it gives me a feel of the photography style that they like, as well as poses that will be important to them on the big day. Then I can save the inspiration photos to my phone and will be able to use that when I’m capturing your wedding.

Pinning or not, it is important to communicate with your photographer when planning your wedding. Make sure you let them know what is important to you and any ideas that you’d really love to try. There’s definitely no harm in asking!



Get ready for those Bridal Shows!

Bridal shows are a blast! There are cupcakes, photo booths, snazzy free knick knacks and food. What more could you want?

I would recommend that every bride attends a bridal show if possible during their engagement. Even if your vendors are booked, you can go to get inspiration and just have a good time with friends and family.

What should you bring with when you head over to a bridal show?

– A notepad, if you are the type of person (like myself) that likes to write down their ideas and whatnot. 🙂
– A camera or your phone to take photos of cool decor or anything you want to remember.
– Your checkbook. If you have the funds available and are on the hunt for a certain vendor, some will have discounts if you book the day of and you’ll have to put a deposit down usually.
– Friends and family! Invite your mom, a couple bridesmaids, even the groom along. It will make a fun day for everyone.

Check the website for the upcoming bridal show to see what entry fees cost, which are usually around $5-$10-$15.

I am excited because I will be attending a bridal show as  a vendor for the first time, along side DAC Music Productions. We will be at the Brookings Moments to Cherish Bridal show on February 8th. Drysen has been working hard on the booth decor and it will be awesome!!

Have fun and attend those shows!


It looks like Drysen is having fun putting our booth together!


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